Narcolepsy non rem sleep essay example

Narcolepsy Essay

How can I help research. The causes or Narcolepsy is linked to a disruption of the sleep control mechanism in our brain. Narcoleptics have problems in school, holding down a job and not surprisingly they are accident prone, with about 10 times the rate of car accidents as the general population.

Symptoms often start in childhood, adolescence, or young adulthood ages 7 to 25but can occur at any time in life. The initial line of treatment is usually a central nervous system stimulant such as modafinil. Due to safety concerns associated with the use of this drug, the distribution of sodium oxybate is tightly restricted.

In the article Mr. Narcolepsy follows a seasonal pattern and is more likely to develop in the spring and early summer after the winter season, a time when people are more likely to get sick.


There are two major types of narcolepsy: The most severe attacks result in a total body collapse during which individuals are unable to move, speak, or keep their eyes open.

Medications only alleviate symptoms, however, while doing nothing to eliminate the underlying problem. How is narcolepsy diagnosed. Siegel, focused on a dangerous sleeping disorder called Narcolepsy.

The sleep disorder that I am familiar with is insomnia and I have suffered from insomnia off and on in my life and know many people who do have insomnia.

Sleep biology The NINDS continues to support investigations into the basic biology of sleep, such as examining the brain mechanisms involved in generating and regulating REM sleep and other sleep behaviors.

The damage to the amygdala can cause the symptoms of narcolepsy by inappropriately activating brain-stem circuits that are undamaged. Their handwriting may, for example, degenerate into an illegible scrawl, or they may store items in bizarre locations and then forget where they placed them.

But even during the most severe episodes, people remain fully conscious, a characteristic that distinguishes cataplexy from fainting or seizure disorders.

These symptoms occur when narcoleptics are most sleepy. A person falls asleep during an activity e. Researchers are also investigating wake-promoting compounds to widen the range of available therapeutic options and create treatment options that reduce undesired side effects and decrease the potential for abuse.

Other investigators are using animal models to better understand hypocretin and other chemicals such as glutamate that may play a key role in regulating sleep and wakefulness. It typically develops during the teen years and lasts for life. If an episode occurs while driving, individuals may get lost or have an accident.

Siegel states that narcolepsy is associated to a disorder of the sleep control mechanism.

Narcolepsy Fact Sheet

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for all employees with disabilities. In addition to experiencing the typical symptoms of narcolepsy, individuals may also have severe neurological problems and sleep for long periods more than 10 hours each night.

Rarely, narcolepsy results from traumatic injury to parts of the brain that regulate wakefulness and REM sleep or from tumors and other diseases in the same regions.

Understanding Narcolepsy

For example, driving a car with this untreated disorder puts a person at high risk of an automobile accident. People with this condition experience excessive daytime sleepiness but usually do not have muscle weakness triggered by emotions. However, these medications must be carefully monitored because they can have such side effects as irritability and nervousness, shakiness, disturbances in heart rhythm, and nighttime sleep disruption.


It also stated that the environment and ethnic backgrounds are the reason for the number differences of these countries. Sodium oxybate also known as gamma hydroxybutyrate or GHB has been approved by the U. However, these medications must be carefully monitored because they can have such side effects as irritability and nervousness, shakiness, disturbances in heart rhythm, and nighttime sleep disruption.

Avoid large, heavy meals right before bedtime. In general, antidepressants produce fewer adverse effects than amphetamines.

Narcolepsy Essay

Individuals should avoid alcohol and caffeine for several hours before bedtime. Sleep Disorders Essay; Sleep Disorders Essay. Sleep, Sleep Disorders, and Biological Rhythms by Charles J Amlaner non-REM and REM sleep.

Under normal circumstances the boundaries between non-REM, REM and wakefulness are well declared. Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder is a series of events that happen while sleeping that are. The term REM sleep was given to this stage of sleep due to the observable bursts of rapid eye movement which occur several times during each phase of REM sleep (Aserinsky, ).

The progression of NREM sleep to REM sleep occurs cyclically throughout the du 4/4(3). Sleep was no longer considered a homogenous state, but rather a dynamic process of cycling between two distinct states, non-REM and REM sleep. Under normal circumstances the boundaries between non-REM, REM and.

The Neural Control of Slow-Wave and REM Sleep. Although sleep involves most of the brain, the basal forebrain region is particularly important to slow-wave and REM sleep. Sterman and Clemente found that electrical stimulation of this area produced drowsiness and the subjects of the study readily 4/4(3).

Diet, Alcohol, Exercise, and Narcolepsy Heavy meals and meals high in carbohydrates can make anyone feel drowsy—this can be especially true if you have narcolepsy. We all have a natural dip in alertness in the mid to late afternoon, so eating a heavy meal in the middle of.

To understand narcolepsy we first must understand what a sleep disorder is. A sleep disorder is both a physical and psychological condition. It is when you are disturbed in your sleep and when you are awake.

Narcolepsy non rem sleep essay example
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