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Dally appears to be the stereotypical hood: Soda did not do well in school, did not like school, and is perfectly content to work in a gas station — a job he loves. Dally was a misunderstood poor soul like many other gang members during the time. See Also The outsiders book characters summary Outsiders critical essay Essay on johnny from the outsiders The outsiders english essay The outsiders chapter 1 and 2 discussion questions Share.

This also adds up to Dallas crimes by hiding a criminal. Just like the color white contains all the colors of the spectrum, Dally's character covers a broad spectrum. Early in the book, she associates warm colors with the Socs and cool colors with the greasers.

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Friendship is love essay letters what is survey research paper justice. Pony doesn't care about any of those facts; he just wants Soda to go back to school.

Family relationships are strained during the teen years, but in the Curtis family, the right to stay together as a family is a constant struggle.

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The Outsiders Essay – Describe an interesting theme from a text you have studied. Explain why this theme is interesting. In the novel “The Outsiders” by S.E Hinton an important theme is.

Summary: In the novel "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton, teens band together in gangs to give them the family structure they lacked in their own families.

Essay/Term paper: The outsiders

Through their experiences, the gang members realize how important they are to each other. In The Outsiders by SE Hinton, the theme of family in.

“The outsiders” by S.E Hinton Essay Sample. In the novel “The outsiders” by S.E Hinton, there were multiple decisions made by the boys that negatively influenced.

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Order now. Tulsa, Oklahoma. bunch of Socs and hasn’t been the same since. Since his parents do not care for him, he sees the greasers as his true family. The older boys, particularly Dally, are protective of him. The outsiders opens on them, but did most of the outsiders is my concern here.

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